Precision Exotic Damascus at it's Finest

About Us

hot_metal_jesse3_vegas_forge_damascus_wlogoVegas Forge blacksmiths produce the absolute finest American-made Damascus steel.

Before we were Vegas Forge, we were Rob Thomas Damascus, and our blacksmiths apprenticed under Rob himself. Rob has since left smithing, but first, he shared his impressive skills, knowledge, and artistic sensibility.

Now, the apprentices have grown into masters, and Rob Thomas Damascus has become Vegas Forge.

We honor and respect our roots with RT Damascus, and as Vegas Forge, we're proud to continue growing our company and our skills.

As seasoned blacksmiths, our Vegas Forge craftsmen have expanded our Damascus product line and continued refining our technique. We're the best at our trade, and our goal is to keep getting better and continue to exceed expectations.

In our Las Vegas shop, Vegas Forge produces Damascus on an impressive lineup of 4 mammoth nazel hammers. The resulting billets and rods are a testament to hard work, sheer power, and devotion to craftsmanship.

Our unrivaled precision and quality is attained through immaculate material preparation, meticulous attention to detail, tried and true recipes for metal layering, and a handful of priceless trade secrets.

In the end, our Vegas Forge craftsmanship is what gives our customers the beauty, strength, and functionality they need, whether they're making unique jewelry creations or firearms.

In addition to working with manufacturers and collaborators, Vegas Forge houses the world’s largest online Damascus inventory. Catering to individual makers, our online shop carries everything from stainless and carbon Damascus to Mokume Gane.


If you have questions, call us at 702-834-5566.