Precision Exotic Damascus at it's Finest


Vegas Forge is the premier supplier for Mokume Gane, stainless steel and high carbon Damascus steel. At Vegas Forge, we create only the highest quality and most beautiful Damascus steel blanks on the market. Our billets are forged with expert care in a variety of patterns and steel types, enabling you to select the most unique, beautiful billet available today.

A forging tactic that dates back centuries, Damascus steel is known for its wavy pattern and its undeniable strength. At Vegas Forge, our products aren't just wavy. We offer countless patterns, from raindrops to basketweave to sharktooth and herringbone. Our Damascus steel is offered in carbon, stainless and Mokume, so you can select a truly customized, beautiful product that suits your specific needs.

Damascus steel billets are the perfect base for creating Damascus steel knives, tools, golf clubs, guns, spinning tops, rings and other jewelry and more. If you're looking for unique Damascus steel for sale at great prices, Vegas Forge provides the products you want at the value you wouldn't expect.

Find out why Damascus steel has been revered throughout history. When you purchase billets from Vegas Forge, you're getting more than just steel - you're getting an enduring tradition that will last a lifetime.

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